A partial list of products we carry

Adhesives, Caulks, Sealants
Assorted adhesives, caulks, sealants for masonry applications

Antifreeze, Bonding Agents, Coloring, Fast Set

Concrete Sand, Mason Sand, Washed Natural Pea Stone, ¾” Natural Stone, Loam, Stone Dust, Stone Base, ½’ Crushed Stone, ¾” Crushed Stone, 1-1/2” Crushed Stone

Basement Doors
Basement entry doors by Gordon

Facing, Veneer, Chimney, Paving, Sewer, Used, Waterstruck, Firebrick

Brick Edging
Plastic edging restraints for pavers

Cement / Mortar
Portland Type I & II cements, Portland White Cement, Assorted masonry mortars including type "S"

Cement Coatings/Patching
Cement Coatings, Stucco, Patching, Anchoring and Floor underlayments

Chimney / Fireplace
Assorted Fireplace/Chimney mortars & cements. Ash Dumps, Chimney Block, Clay Thimbles, Clay Chimney Tops, Clean Out Doors, Dampers, Fire Clay, Flue liners, Chimney top dampers

Chimney Caps
HY-C Black, Stainless Steel Single & Multiflu Caps

Clay Paving Brick
Clay paving brick For walkways & patios

Assorted cleaners for brick, concrete & Natural Stone

Concrete Blocks
Normal Weight, Patio, Structural, Architectural, Scallop Edgers

Concrete Landscape
Assorted concrete patio block such as 8" x 16", 12" x 12" and 16" x 16" in red and natural gray

Concrete Paving Bricks
Concrete paving brick for walkways and patios

Contractors Supplies
Boots, Rainsuits, Diamond Cutting Blades, Brooms, Shovels, Mortar Hoes, Rakes, Brick Tongs, Gloves, Sledgehammers, Tarps, Floats etc.

Cultured Stone

Diamond Saw Blades

A.D.S., P.V.C., Pipe, Poly Self Channel Drains,  PVC Fittings

Eldorado Stone

Expansion Joints

Face Brick
Assorted clay face brick for use in chimneys, fireplaces, steps, walls, planters and exterior home applications

Fire Brick

RUMFORD style fireplace
Ideal Fire pit

Lead Flashing, PVC flashing and Copper Fabric flashing in assorted sizes

Glass Block
Assorted Styles, Shapes and Views


Masons Lime

Quickrete Premix Cements
Just add water to premixed bags. Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, Sand Topping Mix

Raw Materials/Aggregates
Raw Materials such as Mason Sand, Concrete Sand, 3/8" peastone, 3/4" stone, Crusher Run, Fine Stone Dust and Course Stone Dust

Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall Block such as EverlocTM, Allan Block, Ideal, Keystone

Sand & Gravel Products
Wash sand, landscaping stone, crushed stone, fill, gravel and loam

Saw Blades
Variety of saw blades including Carborendum and Diamond coated blades for masonry

Assorted Sealers for concrete, brick and natural stone

Sewer Brick

Steel Products
Anchor Bolts, Angle Irons, Reinforcing Rods

Stone - Natural
Natural Stone for walkways, patios & assorted landscaping. Products include Bluestone Flagging & Treads, Limestone Flagging & Treads, Granite Flagging, Treads and Steps, Cobblestones, Flagstone, Garden Path Stone, N.E. Wall Stone, P.A. Fieldstone & Quarry Stone

Thin Brick

Assorted Masonry tools in Stock. Brooms, Brushes,  Chisels, Concrete tools, Floats, Hammers, Jointers, Knee Pads, Mason Line, Levels, Mortar Hoes, Rubber Mallets, Rulers, Saw Blades, Shovels, Snips, Tampers, Trowels, Tape Measures and more

Used Brick

Cultured Stone, Eldorado Stone

Air Kits, Block vents, Brick vents, Foundation Vents

Walkway - Pavers
Assorted Pavers - Clay & Concrete

Wall Ties
Galvanized wall ties

Winter Products
Calcium Chloride, Antifreeze

Wire - steel
Concrete Wire Mesh, Concrete Block Wire